San Diego Homeless Christmas Downtown Volunteers 2018 – Thank You

San Diego Homeless Christmas Downtown Volunteers 2018 – Thank You

Thanks to all the Homeless Christmas Downtown Volunteers who gave their time to cloth, feed, encourage, and give out gifts to the homeless and homeless children on Christmas in downtown San Diego this holiday season 2018.

Here’s just some of the highlights:

San Diego Homeless Christmas Downtown Event

  • Over 100+ homeless people in attendance, including over 30 homeless children
  • 30+ wrapped gifts passed out by the volunteers to homeless kids, including a brand new guitar, a even a drone!
  • Over 80 Streets of Hope San Diego Volunteers
  • A Christmas Hot Meal Served with Water, again, like our Thanksgiving Event 2018, California Burritos supplied the majority of food!
  • 33+ Haircuts
  • Articles of Clothing Passed Out

So we need to give a special thanks to some of you by name:

Thanks to Our Homeless Christmas Downtown Corporate Sponsors

  • Country Club Barber Shop
    The Country Club Barber Shop, along with Tammy, cut over have cut over 200 homeless people’s hair this year, including over 40 this year.
  • All Our Other Homeless Corporate Sponsors
    Thank you to all of you who gave your team and your materials to help with this homeless event.
  • California Burritos 
    The food was amazing and the downtown San Diego homeless really loved it.

Thanks to our San Diego Homeless Children’s Focus Downtown Volunteers

Again, thanks to all our Homeless volunteers who spent several weeks before this homeless Christmas event reaching out to San Diego’s homeless children downtown and asking them what they wanted for Christmas. We visited the parks, God’s Extended Hand and other areas making sure we got their names and their Christmas list! Be sure to see the photos below to see their smiles as they unwrapped their gifts.

Please Consider Giving to the Streets of Hope San Diego

Streets of Hope San Diego has no paid staff; we are 100% volunteer.  Please help us with your giving donations so we can continue serving the homeless every Monday and at our special events like this one.  Plus, we are a 501c3 and when you give your donation online, you will automatically generate a tax donation letter!

Click here for more details on how to give.

Photos of  San Diego Homeless Christmas Downtown Event

Click on an image to see it larger and to start a slideshow of our homeless Christmas downtown event