RBVHS Culinary Club Makes 200 Sandwiches for San Diego Homeless

RBVHS Culinary Club Makes 200 Sandwiches for San Diego Homeless
Rancho Buena Vista‘s (RBV) Culinary Club makes 200 sandwiches for San Diego’s Homeless neighbors!
Tonight they put their culinary skills and compassionate hearts together to bless the less-fortunate. We couldn’t be more grateful. 
Who is RBV Culinary Club?
A group of dedicated students at RBV High School, focused on developing the culinary skills to prepare for sustainable adulthood. Each month, students are given new recipes to explore and they get to practice creating these meals together in a monthly cooking lab!
In addition to learning self-sustainability, The Culinary Club wanted to share their newfound skills with those in need; our homeless neighbors.
President of the club, Samantha R. researched and found Streets of Hope San Diego, then rounded up a group of ambitious students who were ready to help.
The students aimed for 200 sandwiches. Which for context, is well above the typical quota of 150 sandwiches!
They chose white bread, ham, cheese, and mayonnaise. Thoughtfully, they agreed to package the mayo packets separately to help keep the sandwiches fresh until consumption. They also included hand written notes inside each bag to help spread joy and positivity. 
“They were so determined,” Samantha comments, “that we ran out of the ingredients needed and we had to go and buy more in order to make more sandwiches!”
The students report this experience was unlike any other. It was both valuable and enjoyable to spend their weekend making these sandwiches for the organization.
“We sincerely hope to have the opportunity to do so again in the near future!” – Samantha R.
Looking to make a positive impact? Join us Monday Nights to help distribute food and prayers to our homeless neighbors, or volunteer to make sandwiches for a Monday in the near future! 
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