One Year Old Homeless Girl on the Streets of San Diego – Streets of Hope

One Year Old Homeless Girl on the Streets of San Diego – Streets of Hope

This past Monday night while standing in line to buy food to feed the homeless at the downtown San Diego Smart and Final,  we saw one of our longtime homeless friends Hannah and her one year old homeless girl Christiana (see the photos). Hannah was holding little Christiana in her arms and buying some food for both of them. We had the opportunity to offer to buy their food; she accepted and was very grateful for our offer.  One-year-old baby Christiana is probably one of the cutest babies you’ll ever meet. She always all smiles; she always wants to hold your finger.

I asked Hannah if she wanted to join the group that evening while we are making still making our care packages to feed the homeless. She did join us and it was great for some of the others, like Marta, who have know her for a long time, to get a chance to talk to her and to reconnect.

We first met Hannah and her husband Lionel in downtown San Diego a couple of years ago. They were homeless living on the street and Hannah was a few months pregnant. It’s always hard to see a homeless pregnant woman. (For another story of a homeless pregnant woman click here.) Hannah eventually gave birth, stayed in the hospital for a few days and then went back out in the street with little infant baby Christiana. Streets of Hope San Diego was blessed to be able to buy them at diapers, vitamins and other post-natal care items for the baby. We even had the chance to buy them a tent too.

So again, it was great to see Hannah and Christiana a little older. Before she left, we had the opportunity to discuss the ways she, Lionel and Christiana are trying to get off the street. We are hoping and praying that some of those opportunities pan out for them. Right now, she’s been living at God’s Extended Hand. God’s Extended Hand is a church located in downtown San Diego at the corner of 16 Street and Island Avenue. It has been a staple of helping serve the homeless by housing homeless children and women as well as serving two full meals every day! (The staff at God’s Extended Hand have even blessed the Streets of Hope by allowing us to hold events in their sanctuary!)

Even though little Christiana is only one year old, if she grows up on the street like other children we have met. She’ll have a chance to  attend San Diego’s Monarch school for homeless children. You can read more about Monarch here.

Meet One Year Old Homeless Girl Christiana and her Mom Hannah

Here’s a couple of photos of little Christiana and her mom Hannah. Click on a photo to see a larger images.