Feeding San Diego’s Homeless – More about Pregnant Ashley

Feeding San Diego’s Homeless – More about Pregnant Ashley

Feeding San Diego’s Homeless

Thanks to everyone who came out this Monday to help us in feeding San Diego’s homeless even though it rained hard earlier in the day.

Pregnant and Homeless Ashley and Jose – Part II

Last week, on the San Diego streets we met a homeless lady named Ashley and her husband Jose.  (You can read about our first meeting with them here.) When we first met Ashley we gave her information to a doctor we know who offers his services to pregnant homeless women in San Diego. We were all hoping she met with the doctor and even prayed we would see her again tonight. We did. She approached us on the corner of 15th Street and Island. It was great to see her. Again she was in great spirits. She had an appointment with our doctor contact in a few days.

Ashley asked us if we had a blanket or a jacket since the clothes we gave her last week were stolen. Sarah said she had some clothes she might be able to give to her. So Ashley followed us back to our meet-up spot where Sarah pulled a jacket, a blanket and even a rain tarp from her car. Ashley put the jacket on and hugged the blanket. A huge smile dug into her face; with her eyes moist, she said, “I feel like crying.” It was a great moment.

Just like last week,  she left that night with a big smile on her face. We are still praying for you, Jose and the baby, Ashley!

Stephen and Alexandra

While feeding San Diego’s homeless we meet Stephen. (You can see him in the above photo dressed in white.) He asked us to pray for him. His wife, Alexandra, was stuck in a Las Vegas hospital with stomach issues. You could see the pain in his own face in being separated from his wife while homeless in San Diego. We prayed for him and Alexandra to be reunited soon. He was super grateful for the prayer and the food.

Missing Homeless Friend on Meth

While we were making food bags to pass out to the homeless, two very sharp guys pulled up in a car. They asked us if we had seen their friend, Mike (not his real name), who got himself addicted to meth and became homeless. On the Streets of Hope, while feeding San Diego’s homeless, we see many people who have lost their lives and homes from addiction. They really wanted to find their friend and help him. We prayed for them to find him and promised to keep an eye out for Mike. A few hours later they found him!

Thanks again to everyone who came out tonight and don’t forget about our special homeless hair cutting event on 10/19/2015.