Thanksgiving Feed the Homeless Event 2016 – Thank You

Thanksgiving Feed the Homeless Event 2016 – Thank You

What an incredible night Thanksgiving Feed the Homeless Event 2016 in the rain! The Streets of Hope San Diego held its annual Thanksgiving event and it was a huge success thanks to homeless volunteers.

San Diego Feed the Homeless Thanksgiving Event 

  • 30 Haircuts
  • Hot Hamburgers Served Early with Cookies and other treats Passed Out
  • Freshly cook Turkeys with Salad, Cranberry Sauce, Mashed Potatoes and more!
  • 100’s of Articles of Clothing Passed out
  • Over 100+ homeless people in attendance
  • Close to 40 Streets of Hope Volunteers
  • 100 + Meals Served
  • 100 Pair of High-End Running Shoes Donated
  • 100+ Blankets for the Homeless

Here’s how the night went:

Hair Cutting for the Homeless on Thanksgiving

It started off with Tammy, Wylie, Mario, Jose and Crystal cutting hair for the homeless in the pouring rain. Rain like this is rare in San Diego, but it’s even rarer to see such a dedicated team of people cutting the homeless’ hair! 

Although we had two canopies overhead, the shelter barely kept the rain out. Still the homeless hair cutting team cut 30 homeless people’s hair. (Be sure to check out the list in the San Diego homeless hair cuts sheet in the photos below.)

Feeding the San Diego’s Homeless on Thanksgiving

Christina, Conrad, Frankie and Debra made food for 100+ people! Conrad also cooked hamburgers and passed out donuts and cakes while the homeless had their hair cut.

Clothing San Diego’s Homeless on Thanksgiving

One of the highlights of feeding and clothing San Diego’s homeless tonight was the 100+ pairs of running shoes donated by 

Other Items Donated to San Diego’s Homeless:

  • Over 200 blankets
  • Gloves
  • Socks
  • Sweaters
  • Thermal Blankets
  • Old Clothes 

Thanksgiving Feed the Homeless Event 2016 Special Thanks

  • Tammy, Crystal and especially Wylie, Mario and Jose from The Country Club Barber Shop for the 30 homeless hair cuts!
  • Anne, David, Jenn B. for helping lead leading the event, plus for buying a sleeping for our homeless friend Mark
  • Christina, Conrad, Debra, Frankie, Little Frankie and others for serving the main dish and side dishes!
  • Nate for taking all the photos
  • Tammany, Parker, Jenn G., David, Carlos, Donald, Josh and the rest of you for passing out water and clothing donations to the homeless
  • Tammy for doing all the special event coordination
  • Jackie and Paul for bringing over 100 pairs of shoes
  • Jenn for talking to each homeless person and getting their shoe size and clothing requests
  • To all of you who brought clothes, blankets, toiletries and more
  • To Road Runner Sports who donated over 100 amazing running shoes!
  • To all the other volunteers who helped the homeless tonight in the rain!

Photos From Thanksgiving Feed the Homeless Event 2016

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