Thanks for Cutting Homeless Hair Feeding the Homeless

Thanks for Cutting Homeless Hair Feeding the Homeless

Because our Christmas Feed the Homeless event was such a success, we decided to ask everyone to come out to the streets of downtown to serve the homeless again in a special way. So the Streets of Hope volunteers came together to feed the homeless, massage the homeless, do hair cuts for the homelss and more!.

San Diego Homeless Special Event

  • Over 180+ homeless people in attendance
  • Close to 70 Streets of Hope Volunteers
  • 190+ Meals Served
  • 40+ Haircuts (Thanks to the Country Club Barber Shop!)
  • Many, manyy articles of Clothing Passed out
  • 12 Multi-Minute Massages
  • 19 Adjustments by a professional Chiropractor
  • 1 Person committed to God deeper

Here’s how the night went:

Hair Cutting for the Homeless

Last Thanksgiving and Christmas, Tammy cut hair for the homeless (on Thanksgiving she cut over 25 homeless people’s hair by herself, read more about it here!). So this time Tammy had several other professional hair cutters come out and help get the job done. This time they did over 40 hair cuts for the homeless!

Professional Massages for San Diego’s Homeless Men and Women

Once again for  a Streets of Hope homeless outreach, we had our professional masseuse David, set up his table and give free 10 minute massages to the homeless. David’s wife Cindy wrote the homeless names down on the list and David began to go to work. He’s amazing. Each homeless person he massaged he put his full effort into it.

Feeding the San Diego’s Homeless

Once again Christina made food for 100+ people! She slaved in her kitchen for hours and hours making a traditional ham dinner with all the fixings! And once again, somehow, the food she made for about a hundred ended up feeding over 140 people! That’s amazing. Thank you God!  And thank you Christina, and Isaiah, her incredible son, for working so hard for so many of San Diego’s homeless.

Clothing for San Diego’s Homeless

We had so many clothing donations. Thanks Conrad’s for bringing all the clothers we had stored up over the weeks for this event. Thanks Jenn, Curtis, Conrad and the rest of  the donation team for making it so great.

Special Thanks By Name

So we need to give a special thanks to some of you by name:

Thanks to Our Homeless Hair Cutting Team

Many of you were from the Country Club Barber shop, so a special thanks to you for coming out and inspiring the us and San Diego’s homeless.

  • Tammy – Homeless Haircut Stylist/ Special Event Coordinator
  • Steve – Homeless Haircut Stylist
  • Manny – Homeless Haircut Stylist
  • Maricela – Homeless Haircut Stylist
  • Bonnie – Homeless Haircut Stylist
  • Willie  – Homeless Haircut Stylist
  • Hani – Homeless Haircut Check-In
  • To all of you who helped sweep up

Thanks to Our Feed the Homeless Team

  • Christina for slaving in her kitchen for hours to bring the main dish and side dishes for over 200 people (the volunteers and the homeless)!
  • And of course all of you that passed out the food to the homeless

Thanks to Our Homeless Massage Team

  • David, our homeless massage therapist, and his wife Cindy for the long hours he massaged the homeless without pay or tip – the smiles were payment enough.

Thanks to Our Homeless Chiropractor Team

  • Jeremy, our homeless chiropractor.
    This is the first time we’ve had the chance to have a chiropractor. There were some amazing stories about how Jeremy was able to use his talents to bring not just smiles, but some real healing.  Click here to read about Cheryl and the chiropractic adjustment Jeremy gave her that might have just changed her life.

Thanks to Our Clothing Donations Team

  • Jenn and Curtis for organing everything to perfection again
  • To all of you who brought clothes, blankets, toiletries and more

Other Special Thanks

  • Eric for being the Night Administrator
  • Chris for leading us in Christmas and worship songs all evening
  • Dan G. for speaking about how God changed his life and inspiring hope.
  • Nate for encouraging, and floating around the entire evening encouraging everyone

Photos of  San Diego Feeding the Homeless

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