Student Volunteers comment on Streets of Hope San Diego learnings

Student Volunteers comment on Streets of Hope San Diego learnings

As streets of Hope approaches ten-years serving San Diego’s homeless, we have yet to miss a single Monday. Even through trying times, Streets of Hope volunteers continue to show up and serve our homeless community. We couldn’t do what we do without them. Many of these volunteers are Students from various San Diego based Universities who come in this article to share their experience. 

Vidhi, a volunteer from last spring, recently wrote to us the following: 

“I (recently) took part in an eye opening experience with MedLife at UCSD, where we walked the streets of San Diego to provide help to the homeless in the form of food and water. There were so many people in need, and when we would give them just a small bag of food or a set of sanitary pads and a bag of wipes, they were so grateful that suddenly it seemed like all their struggles disappeared.”

She then qualifies this statement:

“This might be heartwarming, but  in reality, this really put me in my place. These people are so welcoming and inspiring that the little things we worry about everyday really shouldn’t matter. I immensely enjoyed talking to people like John, who we met, and for the opportunity to spend my evening with the wonderful people from Streets of Hope and MedLife at UCSD. I hope to take part in this act of kindness more often, and I am so grateful to organizations who think about others, and am lucky to have been there.”

Earlier this month, Nancy, and other members of Cal State San Marcos started their volunteer journey. 

Nancy and other members of Cal State San Marcos

First, they made over 250 sandwiches and helped distribute them to homeless neighbors. There, they realized a need for warm, dry, sox and launched a sock drive! 

Cheryl, from the  group, commented on her experience.

“My favorite route to take is by the library. Those folks are always having a good time. Tonight where having a BBQ with hotdogs and really enjoying each others company.”

Tyrell from the group, met a man by the library and bonded over music. He learned his homeless friend loves to play guitar but doesn’t have one. It makes us want to find one for him and we plan to. 

Hunter commented on top needs. Water and sox for sure, but also flashlights this time of year.

But the most important for all of us, homeless or not, is human connection.

Tonight, a group of students in San Diego State University’s ROTC program agreed. 

Students of San Diego State University's ROTC program

students of San Diego State University’s ROTC program

Melmar, a frequent Street of Hope volunteer, enjoys meeting up with homeless friend Connie, who frequently accepts both food and prayer. Sometimes people just want someone to listen, and he’s happy to be those ears. 

Joshua (who is also a frequent volunteer) notes:

“No two nights are ever the same. There is always someone new and interesting to meet and connect with.” 

Tonight their friend Daniel is volunteering for the first time and says he’ll definitely be back. 

A HUGE thank you to our student volunteers from all walks of life that continue to support San Diego’s homeless community. Interested in becoming one of them? Join us next Monday night for Halloween.

We’ll be in costume and would love to see yours!