Stonemark San Diego Supports Homeless Neighbors with Thanksgiving Drive

Stonemark San Diego Supports Homeless Neighbors with Thanksgiving Drive

Today marked the 10th annual Streets of Hope Thanksgiving Celebration. Together with our homeless friends of San Diego, we came together to share food, friendship, and a number of haircuts.

In the proceeding weeks, Stonemark Condos of Golden Hill San Diego ran a Thanksgiving Drive in support of the cause. Condo residents came together. The results, are something to be thankful for.


The drive resulted in three new pairs of shoes, multiple packs of new warm sox, and a plethora of gently used men’s, women’s and children’s clothing. One family (Kevin, Britt, and their young son Griffen) donated a cooler. Others donated sleeping bags (Krisi) and six warm blankets (Veronique).

Exceptionally philanthropic neighbor, Javier, donated two 24 packs of water bottles, 4 flashlights with batteries, and even a portable toilet (which was promptly claimed by homeless friend, Manny.)

We’re incredibly thankful to Stonemark, for donating their goods. To our volunteer hairstylists, for donating their services. And to all our Streets of Hope Volunteers who donate their time to make it all possible. 

Volunteering in late November means starting our nights in the dark. Needless to say, our volunteers have never felt more thankful for a warm place to go home to. We hope to provide our homeless neighbors with the same sense of warmth and welcome. We’re always in need of warm sox, blankets, sleeping bags, and tents. And most of all, a warm smile and human connectivity. 

Interested in joining the cause? We’d love to see you next Monday night. Behind the scenes more your thing? Then we hope to see you at the next Step Forward meeting, January 31st 2023.