Sometimes it’s the Little Things, Streets of Hope San Diego

Sometimes it’s the Little Things, Streets of Hope San Diego

Some Mondays end with a success story. Stories like Debra’s; of finding housing after years on the streets. Other nights end with gratitude. Toward compassionate volunteers like AYLUS, for donating time and care packages. On other nights at Streets of Hope San Diego, it’s the little things that count.

This Monday night started in abundance.

We had twice the usual sandwiches and no shortage of volunteers to help pack them into food bags with water and snacks. We were able to fill four wagons (instead of the usual three) and thus went out in four separate groups to reach as many people as possible. Most volunteers also carried varying numbers of additional bags in one or both hands. Talk about flexing for humanity. 

On Monday nights, we sometimes meet a homeless friend in need of a blanket, or clothing, or a tent. Sometimes in need of prayer (for needs outside our control). This Monday,

we were pleasantly surprised! We met a homeless friend named Steve and asked about his needs to which declared, he had none!

“I’ll be getting off the streets next week,”

He informed us. 

“I had some money come through I was hoping for, and I’ve had a couple medical scares that recently clear up!”

We normally invite our homeless friends in need to meet us back in front of Smart and Final to address their unmet needs. This way, we can promise to fulfill them the following week. We also use this time to  share successes and highlights of the evening. A sweet pre-teenage girl was prompting her mother to speak up and though the mother, Stephanie, noted it embarrassing, she agreed to share her story. While walking and handing out food bags she’d met a homeless neighbor and had inquired about her needs. The neighbor mentioned needing a jacket, and Stephanie returned to the group without one. 

“She certainly needs it more than I do.” 

A big thank you to Todd and Marianne’s BBJ’s and to Elona and Michael Baker International’s deli sandwiches!

If you feel called to assemble 150+ sandwiches or help distribute them to our homeless neighbors please join us next Monday Night!