Streets of Hope San Diego Gifts Future Soldier a Tent

Streets of Hope San Diego Gifts Future Soldier a Tent

Streets of Hope San Diego had the privilege of gifting future soldier, Brandon, a tent Monday night.

We first met Brandon a week prior and delivered on our promise to find him a tent the following Monday. Upon receiving the tent, Brandon’s smile was brighter than his entire wardrobe: a black Levi’s shirt, black shorts, and black tennis shoes.

Brandon shared with us that he’s been homeless only (a little over) six months. A San Diego native, he actually used to rent a studio apartment nearby. But due to continuous trouble in receiving critical mail from apartment management, Brandon decided not to renew his lease in February. Instead of continuing to endure poor management and lost mail, he decided to take to the streets. 

This, he explains, is only a temporary fix. One he plans to mitigate by joining the military. 

“I’ve had two uncles in the Navy and a couple of cousins in the military. I plan to join the troops and turn my life around.” 

We commend Brandon for his pursuits to better himself while also serving his Country (and we sympathize with how pesky those apartment managers can sometimes be! We all probably have a similar story to share!)

As with Brandon, tents are among the most needed items for our homeless neighbors. Along with warm sox, sleeping bags, and water. But most important is a friendly face or a listening ear. A reminder we’re in this life together and we’re not alone. to meet Brandon or others like him, we hope to serve with you next Monday Night.