San Diego Serving the Homeless – Meet Milton

San Diego Serving the Homeless – Meet Milton

Meet Milton, our long-time friend on the street.

When we first met him years ago, he asked us, “Have you called your mom today?” Milton called his mom every day and saved his pennies to catch a bus to visit her in Long Beach. She had been very sick so she relocated to San Diego to be closer to him.

Milton spoke of ending his own life if she passed away. Sadly she passed away a week ago. (Click here to see the photos from the memorial for Milton’s mom.)  Last night we could see his sadness and grief has overwhelmed him. We circled around him and hugged him, brought him food and Dr. Pepper (his favorite) and made him laugh so hard he almost fell over.

Milton, like other San Diego homeless people on the street, looks forward to seeing us and giving him hope, love and encouragement that God brings in a single night. Milton’s battle against living on the streets and loss of his mom is a huge struggle to overcome. We pray that God guides him with courage, strength and purpose to continue living the life he deserves with as much happiness as his teddy bear heart can handle.

We love you Milton!