San Diego Homeless Woman in Wheelchair and Prosthetic leg – Meet Dorothy

San Diego Homeless Woman in Wheelchair and Prosthetic leg – Meet Dorothy

Tonight was a great night feeding the homeless in downtown San Diego.

We always meet homeless women who need help.

Although last week was a fun filled special event night (read more here), we really enjoyed serving food to the homeless like we normally do every Monday night by simply making care bags and passing them out on the streets.

There were so many San Diego homeless women we met; here’s two stories.

Meet San Diego Homeless Woman Dorothy

We have know Dorothy for over two years now. We first met her and her husband Bob on the streets near God’s Extended Hand Church. They have been married for close to 40 years and met while serving in the military. Living out of their van, they’re an amazing couple who has been looking for housing for the 2+ years they’ve been living homeless in San Diego.

It’s interesting that although both Dorothy and Bob both have a prosthetic legs, and are vets, they haven’t been able to find housing. Anne and little Frankie prayed for Dorothy to be able to secure housing. She was very grateful.

Meet San Diego Homeless Woman Marie

Marie is a sweetheart of a girl who approached us and asked if we had anything to eat. Marie told us she had been homeless for a few years. After passing out over 100 bags to other San Diego homeless people, we had one left! We offered it to her and she looked inside. That night we had scones, a ham and cheese sandwich, an apple and water. Well, Marie is lactose intolerant and wasn’t able to have the sandwich or the scones. Since she couldn’t eat half of what the food we made for the homeless care packages, we asked her if she needed anything else. She said a sweatshirt so we invited her back to our end of the night circle-up to ask the group if anyone had a sweatshirt they could give her. Sure enough Streets of Hope volunteer Paul offered to give her one. It was awesome to see Marie smile as she put on her new sweatshirt. (See the photo below for a picture of Marie and Paul.)

Photos of the San Diego Homeless Women We Met

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