San Diego Homeless Woman Contacts Daughter After 20 Years – Meet Juanita

San Diego Homeless Woman Contacts Daughter After 20 Years – Meet Juanita

This story is from Streets of Hope member, Marta.

Forgiveness is a huge step to salvation.

Tonight was so special! In the light San Diego rain, Derek, Dan, Jo and I met a homeless woman named Juanita who asked us to publicly share her story.

Homeless Woman Healed of Brain Cancer

Juanita’s story begins with her husband who was a Christian pastor over 20 years ago but turned away from Jesus to the New Age Movement. When he did, he abandoned her, taking both their son and daughter to Arizona. She had so much anger and bitterness about it, and on top of that, she found out she had stage 4, terminal brain cancer. The cancer was all over her brain; they said she was terminal with only a few months to live. She suffered so much during that time, until one day, through the power of God, she decided that she needed to forgive her husband just like God forgives her. When she did forgive, she said she felt amazing, so much so that she said God suddenly healed her from her brain cancer! She has been cancer free ever since! Juanita states, “Forgiveness is a huge step to salvation.”

Homeless Woman Contacts Daughter After 20 Years

She also says she will not let the past poison her future, and she is ready for the next amazing chapter in her life. As she shared her story, the Holy Spirit kept stirring our hearts to ask about her children. She told us she hasn’t seen them or been in contact for 20 years and had no idea where they are! So we asked her if we could try and find them on the Facebook. She agreed, so we pulled out our phones and actually found her daughter, Monique! So on Juanita’s request, we sent Monique a message that her mom loves her and misses her so much and can’t wait to talk to her again. She was so happy and believes Monique will get in touch with her. Let the next chapter of her life, we believe reconciled to her daughter, begin!

Before the night ended, Jo ran back to her car to get Juanita a blanket and then we prayed for her. (You can see the colorful blanket in the photo.)

I hope this story inspires you to reach out to people in need because you can make a difference. Join us on the Streets of Hope every Monday night!