San Diego Homeless Bus Pass Given to David

San Diego Homeless Bus Pass Given to David

Every Monday Night we meet so many amazing homeless people on the Streets of San Diego and we try to help them in any way we can. Tonight we gave out a San Diego Homeless Bus Pass.

San Diego Homeless Bus Pass Given to David

Our homeless friend David has a huge heart and often shows it. Whenever one of his San Diego homeless neighbors needs shelter, tips on where to get free food or just some words of wisdom, he is there to help. Plus, he always has such a positive attitude and knows he’s blessed even in the hard times being homeless on the streets.  Just recently he was kicked out of a room he was renting from the owner of a restaurant he was working for because he has accused of not paying rent. (David says the landlord’s son stole the rent money while the owner was on vacation, so he lost his job and shelter.)

But David doesn’t lose faith. He says he knows God is watching over him and continues to guide him every day. David tells us he has been homeless off and on for several years now, but he still helps his fellow human being when he can. We have gotten to know David the last couple of years because he often comes and helps Streets of Hope San Diego pass out bags of food to other homeless men and women. In addition, our resume writing team helped him by creating a resume for him.

He recently asked us if we knew a way to get a bus pass so he could get around San Diego to job interviews and meetings to find a place to live, so Streets of Hope volunteers donated enough money to get him an MTS Compass Card good for the rest of the month.

David was extremely grateful when we presented him with his bus pass and could not thank us enough. We told him we are just doing God’s work. That this bus pass was because of him.

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