Newport Pacific Donates Supplies For San Diego’s Homeless

Newport Pacific Donates Supplies For San Diego’s Homeless

The Streets of Hope San Diego gives a special thanks to the Newport Pacific Family of Companies, the company owners and principals, plus the staff for supporting and sponsoring Streets of Hope San Diego. 

“…the generosity…”

The Newport Pacific Family of Companies, headquartered in Irvine, CA, supported Streets of Hope San Diego at their annual Corporate Conference in September. Newport Pacific asked their staff attendees to donate items and their response was incredible. Hundreds of items, including toiletries, school supplies, socks, a sleeping bag, tarps, monetary donations and more were brought from all over the United States to Harrah’s Resort SoCal in Funner, CA. And, to top it off, Newport Pacific made a monetary donation as well.

In addition, Streets of Hope Board members, Tammy Nguyen and Dan D’Amato delivered a brief presentation about the Streets of Hope San Diego organization, including several stories of actual people and children in San Diego who are homeless and in need. Afterwards, Dan stated, “It’s overwhelming home many different people of the Newport Pacific family approached us and asked how they could further help.” 

Celeste Taylor, meeting planner for Newport Pacific, said, “I was proud to see the generosity of our staff in an effort to help the homeless population of San Diego. At Newport Pacific, we are truly a family and we were excited to help individuals and families in need.”

Thanks again to Newport Pacific’s Celeste, Clarke, Mike and Candace for caring about the homeless. Special thanks to Streets of Hope staff, Jezz, Jen, Zo, Nate, Tammy, Dan for attending the event, picking up the donated items and more.

Newport Pacific Family of Companies Supporting Streets of Hope San Diego Image Gallery

View images from the Newport Pacific conference event and from the Streets of San Diego where the Streets of Hope Volunteers passed out the truck-load of items donated by Newport Pacific.