Homeless Haircutting Special Donation in Memory of Maria Christina

Homeless Haircutting Special Donation in Memory of Maria Christina

The Streets of Hope San Diego is a 100% volunteer organization (meaning no paid staff). We are very grateful for every dollar donated because it allows us to continue in the work of helping the homeless.

We just recently received a very special donation in the memory of someone who passed away.

Here’s the letter we received:

Tammy Nguyen (Streets of Hope Special Event Coordinator),

This donation of $100.00 is being made in memory of Maria Cristina who passed away following heart surgery earlier this month in Sydney Australia.

Cristina always took pride in her hair, making sure it looked perfect at all times. When I read the recent article in the Rancho Bernardo News Journal detailing August’s free haircutting event for the homeless, I knew immediately this is how I wanted to memorialize her. Seeing these volunteers help to make those who have so little feel more human, cared for and beautiful by providing haircuts made my heart sing.

Please direct this donation to your next haircutting event in the memory of Cristina.

Thank you and your corp of selfless volunteers for your hard work and dedication.


Diane, thank you so much for your loving donation. Your letter inspires us and reminds of why we do what we do!

At our Downtown San Diego Thanksgiving Homeless event on 11/19/2018 we will be dedicating the night’s event to Cristina, and of course we will be cutting hair in Cristina’s name.

Also, we want to thank one of our main sponsors, the Country Club Barber Shop who will be cutting hair at the event. Not only so, each 4th Monday of the month, they are down on the streets cutting the homeless hair. Thank you for all you do!