So many great homeless hair cuts downtown tonight!

Thanks to the Country Club Barbershop in Escondido, CA for coming all the way downtown to serve San Diego’s homeless by joining Tammy to cut hair.

Homeless Hair Cuts Downtown totaled almost 30 tonight!

So many homeless people showed up to have their hair cut and to enjoy the cookies we passed out while they waited. A few of us even went over to God’s Extended Hand Church to invite the homeless to have their hair cut.

There were so many good stories tonight, here’s just a few:

Meet Homeless Woman Claudia Who Had Her Hair Cut

Homeless woman before and after hair photos. Homeless woman Claudia before and after hair photos.

Claudia came into Tammy’s chair tonight telling her, “I’m so sorry… my hair is messed up because I cut it myself.”

She seemed to have cut a bunch of patches into her hair. Tammy asked her why she did that, and she said she looked at her hair and hated it so much and got depressed. So Tammy told her, “Don’t worry, I’ll still make your hair look good!”

So Tammy began to cut her hair. When she was done, she gave Claudia the mirror and Claudia loved her new hair style.  Then Tammy asked her if she could pray for her. Claudia agreed so Tammy prayed for the depression to disappear and to have the negative thoughts and lies about herself to stop. Claudia cried the moment Tammy started praying!  She was so grateful for both the hair cut and the prayer

Streets of Hope San Diego Buys Homeless Couple a Tent

Ryan hugs homeless William, Tonya, and Dominic after presenting them with a tent. Ryan hugs homeless William, Tonya, and Dominic after presenting them with a tent.

Tonight the Streets of Hope San Diego bought a homeless couple and their brother a tent. In the beginning of the night they asked if we could bless them with a tent. Orginally we had promised a tent to a homeless man from the week before so we had one ready to give him. When he didn’t show up for the tent, we decided to give it to the couple who was asking.

They were so grateful for the tent. (Be sure to see the homeless hair cuts downtown photo gallery for more photos of the night.)

Thanks to all the volunteers who pitched in the fund to buy this amazing homeless couple a new tent-home.

Homeless Hair Cuts Downtown Photo Gallery

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