Homeless Family Given a Car Seat for New Born Stranded Baby

Homeless Family Given a Car Seat for New Born Stranded Baby

Tonight the Streets of Hope San Diego met a homeless family, the father Justin, his wife Maria, and their two girls, Stephanie who is almost a year old, and Brianna who is 4 yrs old.

A month ago they were visiting San Diego from Boston when Maria, who was 7-months pregnant, had to have an emergency C-Section. She gave birth to their baby, Michael, nine weeks early. So, for the past month, baby Michael has been at Scripps Mercy Hospital getting better and gaining in his strength and weight.  During that month, the family was forced stay in San Diego as they waited for Michael to be healthy enough to leave the hospital. It was a rough month for them as a family as they went through all their money on hotels, food and more. With out many choices, they bought a tent and began to live on the streets, not knowing how much longer they would have to wait on Michael.

In addition to all of this, hospitals will not release new born babies to parents unless they prove they have a car seat for the baby.  Justin and Maria had no more money to get a car seat. They kept wondering when baby Michael is allowed to leave the hospital, how will they get him out of the hospital without a car seat? That’s where God stepped in for them. The Streets of Hope met them just this evening and baby Michael is being released the next day. We were able to take up an impromptu collection for baby Michael and his family right there on the streets. Enough money was raised, and one of our volunteers, Paul, and his daughter, Alex, immediately drove to the store to buy them the car seat. Both Justin and Maria were amazed at God’s timing in crossing our paths together to meet this need only a few hours before they were able to pick Michael up!

Also, Paul and Alex were able to buy them diapers for baby Michael and wipes too!

They’re next struggle will be to get back home to Boston. So, we put them in touch with an organization that helps stranded people get back home, San Diego Traveler’s Aid.

Please keep praying for this family!

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