Holiday Streets of Hope San Diego Fundraiser Event Thanks

Holiday Streets of Hope San Diego Fundraiser Event Thanks

The Streets of Hope San Diego is 100% volunteer organization. We’re able to do the work we do for San Diego’s homeless because of your generous donations.

This last December 14th, we held our annual fundraiser and asked for your support.

We were overwhelmed with the response as this event became our most successful yet.

Special thanks to the following for making this event a success:

  • Yard and Sea and Movement Warehouse
    Thanks Michael and Jason for providing an amazing location and hosting the event
  • Andre Reed Foundation
    Thanks Andre and  Theresa for your generous donations and for always caring for the homeless.
  • Streets of Hope Volunteer Staff
    Thanks Carlos, Tammany, Zo, Georgina for all the planning, serving, coordinating, decorating and so much more.
  • Thanks Lyla Jet (A.K.A. Joanna Gerolaga) for entertaining us with your amazing voice.
  • Amon
    Thanks Amon for putting on a great show.
  • California Burritos
    Thanks for providing some of the best burritos around!
  • 10 Barrel Brewery
    Thanks to 10 Barrel Brewery and their staff for providing drinks
  • Poki Poki
    Thanks to Poki Poki Encinitas for providing your amazing Hawaiian Poke.
  • VG Donut & Bakery
    Thanks VG Donut for serving all your amazing sweets
  • Booch Craft
    Thanks Booch Craft for severing the best Kombucha we’ve ever tasted!
  • Potato Corner
    Thanks Joesph and the team at Potato Corner for participating.
  • Utopia Home Care
    Thanks Hannah and Chris for all your encouragement and never ending donations.
  • Oso Digital
    Thanks for providing all the photos and video!

And special thanks to all of you who bought tickets and came out to enjoy the night with us.

If you weren’t able to make this event, but still want to give, click here to donate.