Former Homeless Women Rescues Homeless Dog

Former Homeless Women Rescues Homeless Dog

The Story of Former Homeless Women Diane Rescuing Homeless Dog Goya 

One of our most inspiring stories involves former homeless woman Diane and a homeless dog she recently rescued.

“She’s the one,” Diane said about her new dog Goya after holding her!

A few months back our good friend, and former homeless women, Diane, lost her dog Giselle of  15+ years and we held a dog memorial for her right on the streets in downtown San Diego. (You can read more about that story here and even watch the video of the memorial.) Well, since Giselle’s death, as you can imagine, Diane has been feeling a little lonely.  So we offered to help Diana get a new dog.

Carlos, Streets of Hope San Diego volunteer, and friend of Diane’s, had a great idea to attend the San Diego Animal Support Foundation & Grossmont Center Cupids & Cannies Dog Rescue Event to see if Diane could find a dog to rescue from being homeless. So a few of us attended the event and walked around the center holding, walking and looking at a many different dogs. 

Eventually we made our way to the St. Paco’s Second Chance Dog Rescue booth. There we met Goya. Goya is an adorable white, 2 1/2 year old poodle who stared at Diane and immediately licked her face when she picked her up. One of St. Paco’s volunteers told us that Goya was rescued in Baja California and likes nothing better than to be walked and held. In addition, she explained how Goya likes to dance on her rear paws often.

Diane’s face lit up while holding Goya and we new that we needed to help Diane rescue Goya. So we are proud to say that with Diane newly off the streets from being homeless, and on a fixed income, we paid Goya’s adoption fee.

Thanks to everyone who helped Diane and Goya meet, especially Carlos who picked Diane up, brought her to the event, and then drove Diane and Goya home.

Photos of Diane and Goya 

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