Feeding the Homeless – Meet Maria

Feeding the Homeless – Meet Maria

We feed the homeless every Monday night.

“Maria got off the streets and beat cancer too.”

We met several homeless people tonight and there were many stories, but Maria really touched us with her smile and incredible story of survival.

Feeding the Homeless – Meet Maria

We meet Maria on the streets of San Diego when we were feeding the homeless in downtown San Diego. While passing out bags of food Maria was moving along in her wheelchair. She had just gotten out of the hospital for a blot clot in her left arm.

She accepted one of our bags of food and began to tell us her story about being homeless for 7 years. She had a job, but then hurt her back, and wasn’t able to work. As a result, she began to sleep on the sidewalks. She told us it was hard and humbling.

A great group called Impact, here in San Diego, eventually helped her be able to get off the streets.

Finally, Maria told us about surviving cancer and how God had saved her from the tumors, as well as homelessness. She asked us to pray for her, we did and she went along in her wheelchair with a smile on her face.

Thanks Maria for sharing your life with us while we were feeding the homeless.

Photos of Feeding San Diego Homeless

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