Feeding the homeless on the 4th of July Downtown San Diego

Feeding the homeless on the 4th of July Downtown San Diego

Since we started feed and clothing downtown on every Monday night, we have yet to have missed an evening with our homeless friends and family. So when the 4th of July fell on a Monday night we still wanted to come out and meet with them.

Homeless Woman Tammy Cured of Cancer

While we walked the streets we came upon a black woman who looked semi-familiar to us. We were shocked to find out it was a homeless woman who we had prayed for 6 months ago to be healed of her cancer. The reason we were shocked was because when we had prayed for Tammy those many months ago, she had a bandage across her face, could barely raise her head (because of the pain) and was almost bald. Seeing her last night, she had make-up on, the tumor on her face was gone and she sported some great-looking hair! (Be sure to see the photos below.)

She was super excited to tell us not long after we had prayed for her, her cancer disappeared! We remember that time when we did pray for her. She had been angry at God. “Why am I homeless and now have cancer?” She told us with anger in her voice. Well, all that anger disappeared and what’s replaced it is joy!

Thanks Tammy for sharing your amazing story with us and letting us take your photo.

Tents Promised to Homeless Group of Friends

Also this July 4th, while walking down 15th Street downtown, we met up with Guy, Brett and Laura. They asked if we could bless them with a couple of tents since one they had went missing and another had reached its lifespan and began to degrade.

We told them if they would join us next week on the 11th, we would bring them a couple of tents. (UPDATE: They did meet us on the 11th. Click here to read that story. It has an amazing ending.)

Watching the Fireworks with the Homeless on the 4th of July

So while walking around the streets and passing out food like we normally do on Monday nights, since it was the 4th of July we invited any one of the homeless to join us at the Embarcadero South to watch the San Diego Bay’s fireworks with us. It was great to have a couple of people to join us.

Thanks everyone for a great night.

Photos of Feeding the Homeless on 4th of July

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