Special Event – Memorial for Diane’s Dog Giselle

NOTE: This event already took place. Click here to read about it and see the event photos.

Special Event – Memorial for Diane’s Dog Giselle

Memorial Service for Giselle (Diane’s Beloved Dog) 

Monday, November 6, 2017 at 6pm at Smart & Final (720 15th Street, San Diego, CA 92101)

The Night’s Itinerary

6:00pm-6:10pm -Meet and Set Up for Memorial Service
6:10pm-6:30pm – Memorial Service for Giselle
– Prepare food bags (no sandwich making) for the Homeless
7:00pm-7:50pm –
Walk the Streets and Pass out Bags to the Homeless
7:50pm-8:00pm –
Meet Back at Smart & Final to Close Out Night

The Story of How We Met Diane and Giselle on the Streets of San Diego

While serving on the streets of San Diego we come across many different types of people and each one has a unique story. One of our most inspiring stories involves Diane and her dog, Giselle.

“I have friends for life now,” Diane speaking about the Streets of Hope San Diego volunteers.

We first met Diane and Gislle back in 2015 on the streets in downtown San Diego where we feed the homeless every Monday night. She was living on the streets at that time and we were able to help her, not just with food, but also with clothes, conversation and more. In fact, both Diane and Giselle both became friends with many of the volunteers.  Everyone loved to see Diane walk up pushing a baby stroller with Giselle tucked comfortably inside it.

Well, Diane and Giselle were able to find a permanent home and both still came on Monday nights to help those still living on the streets. 

Only a few weeks ago, Giselle passed away. If you have ever lost a pet, then you know, it’s as painful as losing any family member. When Giselle passed, because Diane is on fixed income, she wasn’t able to take financially take care of Giselle’s cremation and funeral arrangements.  That’s where we felt like we could help her. So Streets of Hope San Diego regular volunteers, Nate and Carlos, accompanied Diane to the vet to have Giselle properly cremated. It was a hard day.

 So please come and join us on Monday, November 6th at 6:00pm for a short memorial service for Giselle right on the streets where she and Diane first met us.

(You can hear and see more about Diane and Giselle in a video interview on our YouTube channel by clicking here.)

Photos of Diane and Giselle Serving the Homeless Downtown San Diego

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