San Diego Homeless Hair Cutting Event 1-26-2015 – Streets of Hope

NOTE: This event already took place. Thanks to all who participated.

San Diego Homeless Hair Cutting Event 1-26-2015 – Streets of Hope

Our next homeless hair cutting event is Monday Jan.26. Please join us!

Come and watch a powerful transformation!

We need volunteers who would:

  • Cut hair
  • Support us during event
  • Donate and/or serve food/snacks/desserts/Water, and pray with the homeless.

We are also collecting the following:

  • Warm new/used clothing including scarfs, gloves, beanies
  • Blankets
  • New socks/underwear, beanies.
  • and more

Pretty much, we need anything to keep San Diego’s homeless warm -yes, it gets very cold downtown on the streets of San Diego. Sadly the other night a homeless brother died on the streets just from sleeping in the cold. We want to prevent this as much as we can.

Please contact us and we will find a way to meet with you to pick up any resources you can give.

And lastly, the awesome thing about Streets of Hope is that it is a great outlet to use your gifts that you have to serve and bring hope, whether those gifts are chiropractic, cooking, praying, singing, music, preaching,healer, organizing, serving, encouraging others. Again, please contact us if  you are interested in learning how you can use your God-given gifts in our monthly events.

To donate financially click here:  GIVE

Click here for more details on our Hair Cutting Service for Downtown San Diego’s Homeless.

San Diego Homeless Event Time

We meet at 4:30 on Monday to set up and pray out and cut hair from 5:00pm-6:15pm

After we will have are regular Monday Night Homeless Outreach Event

San Diego Homeless Event Locaton