Easter Homeless Event Downtown San Diego Photos and Thanks

Easter Homeless Event Downtown San Diego Photos and Thanks

Our event to feed San Diego’s homeless for Easter 2016 went amazing! The Streets of Hope held its annual Easter homeless event on the Monday after Easter and it was a huge success thanks to all the volunteers, our sponsors and the homeless.

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San Diego Easter Homeless Event 2016

  • Over 130+ homeless people in attendance
  • Close to 50 Streets of Hope Volunteers
  • 122+ Meals Served
  • 33 Haircuts
  • 100’s of Articles of Clothing Passed out
  • 50 Pair of High-End Running Shoes Distributed
  • 16 Multi-Minute Massages
  • 8 Adjustments by a professional Chiropractor
  • 5 People committed to God deeper

Here’s how the night went:

Easter Hair Cutting for the Homeless

We started the hair cutting for the homeless downtown earlier tonight, at around 4:30pm. Tammy and the team from The Country Club Barber Shop came out. Everyone did an amazing job cutting the homeless hair. Tonight there was two homeless children, a boy and a girl, who had their hair cut. (You can see them in the photos below.)  The team cut over 30 homeless people’s hair in about 2 hours!

Massages for San Diego’s Easter Homeless Event

The Streets of Hope San Diego professional masseuse David Sheridan, set up his table and give free multi-minute massages to the homeless. It’s amazing to watch David touch people in a compassionate, serving way. Before David starts massaging the homeless he asks them what he can pray for them, and if he can pray while he is massaging. For those who agree, it’s an amazing experience to watch David move and speak for them in a healing way with both his hands and mouth.

Thanks David and Cindy for massaging the homeless during this Easter. Thanks also to Tyler too who  helped by keeping the names of the homeless on the list until David’s wife Cindy came to help out.

Chiropractic Services for the Homeless on Easter

Dr. Eric Bender showed up tonight and offered his professional chiropractic services. What a sight to watch him talk to the homeless about their health issues and then to get them on the table for attention and adjustments!

Washing the Feet of the Homeless on Easter

So tonight for the first time the Streets of Hope San Diego washed the feet of the homeless. Inspired by Jesus who washed the feet of people he served, so we too wanted to show love and compassion by washing our homeless friend’s feet. At the foot washing station, we had sun-warmed water, soap, lotion and clean socks for everyone who wanted to have their feet washed. It was quite an experience for both the volunteers and the homeless. Be sure to see some of the feet washing photos below.

Feeding the San Diego’s Homeless on Easter

Streets of Hope volunteer Christina made food for over a hundred-fifty homeless people! Tonight she made macaroni-and-cheese with ham for dinner, along with salad, rolls and more. It was great watching the homeless team serve food to homeless on this Easter homeless event.

Facials For The Homeless on Easter

Another first for the Streets of Hope tonight was homeless facials. Serena, from Zio Skin Spa, came out tonight and did serveral facials for the homeless. We were amazed to see the compassion and special attention she gave each homeless person.

Lids of Encouragement for the Homeless

Carols from the Lids of Encouragement staff came down tonight to encourage the Streets of Hope Volunteers and San Diego’s homeless with their unique way of sharing words and food. The way it works is Carlos provides plastic container lids where you can write a personal note of encouragement which is featured on their Instagram page and website. The container is then filled with delicious soul food and eventually delivered to a homeless person, cancer patient, or to a person in need. Thanks Lids of Encouragement for coming out tonight. #lidsofencouragment

Clothing, Socks and Shoes Donated to San Diego’s Homeless for this Easter Event

 Shoes for the Homeless

50+ pairs of high-end running shoes donated by RoadRunnerSports.com were available tonight at this Easter homeless event. Thanks RoadRunnerSports.com and Jackie from Road Runner Sports for all your support!

Socks for the Homeless

A new corporate sponser, California Sock Company (CaliforniaSockCompany.com) donated several hundred pairs of socks tonight! Wow. Socks are one of the most requested items by San Diego’s homeless. Tonight was very special to have these socks since we had our first homeless feet washing station tonight. It was super encouraging to be able to put fresh socks on a homeless person’s feet after washing them clean. Thanks California Sock Company.

Clothing for the Homeless

Tonight we had two clothing stations: one for homeless women, and one for homeless men. It worked out great because people were able to get the clothes they were looking for much faster. Thanks Jenn, Curtis, Conrad and the rest of  the donation team for making it run so smooth.

Talking About the Passion and Resurrection of Jesus with the Homeless On Easter

Tonight Streets of Hope volunteer, Dan D., spoke about the apostle Peter’s misunderstanding of Jesus mission on the cross, his betrayal of Jesus and his reunion with Jesus all within the days before and after Jesus’ resurrection. He asked the crowd of over 100 if anyone wanted to know Jesus better and four homeless people responded. What a great night!

Special Thanks By Name

So we need to give a special thanks to some of you by name:

Thanks to Our Homeless Easter Event Hair Cutting Team

  • Tammy – Homeless Haircut Stylist/ Special Event Coordinator
  • Mario – Homeless Haircut Stylist
  • “G” – Homeless Haircut Stylist
  • Mark – Homeless Haircut Stylist
  • Eric – Homeless Haircut Stylist
  • Wylie – Homeless Haircut Stylist
  • To all of you who helped sweep up

Thanks to Our Easter Feed the Homeless Team

  • Christina for bringing all the food
  • And of course all of you that passed out the food to the homeless

Thanks to Our Easter Homeless Facials Team

  • Serenia who did every facial and made so many people feel special

Thanks to our Easter Feet Washing Team

  • Anne B., Dante, Dan D., Jez and Kevin

Thanks to Our Easter Homeless Massage Team

  • David, our homeless massage therapist, and his wife Cindy.

Thanks to Our Easter Homeless Chiropractor Team

  • Dr. Eric Bender of Bender Chiropractic,, one of  our homeless chiropractors who donates his time.

Thanks to Our Easter Clothing Donations Team

  • Jackie for bringing over 60 pairs of shoes this time from RoadRunnerSports.com.
  • The amazing people from the CaliforniaSockCompany.com
  • Jenn and Curtis for talking charge of the donations
  • Jeremy, Jo, Paul and the rest of you for helped make the passing out of the homeless donations orderly
  • To all of you who brought clothes, blankets, toiletries and more

Other Special Thanks for This Easter Homeless Event

  • Eric C. for being the Night Administrator and making sure every volunteer had a role
  • Dan for speaking about Easter and what it really means
  • Nate for his leadership and bringing people together
  • Parker for providing the feet washing materials
  • Tammy for doing all the special event coordination
  • Once again  thanks to Jenn G. and Tammany who  coordinated with Dave Miller from Thrivent for the “Live Generously” T-Shirts and financial support for the event
  • Hannah and Christopher Haverly who generously donated  to compensate for the additional services

Photos of  San Diego Homeless Easter Event

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