Volunteer Thanks for our Special Summer Event Feed Clothe Cut Hair Downtown Homeless

Volunteer Thanks for our Special Summer Event Feed Clothe Cut Hair Downtown Homeless

THANK YOU to all the volunteers who came down to feed, cloth, encourage and help the homeless downtown for our special event this Monday, August 28, 2017. (Be sure to see all the photos at the end of this post.)

Here’s some more of the highlights:

San Diego Summer Feed and Clothe Downtown Homeless Event

  • Over 100+ homeless people in attendance
  • Close to 40 Streets of Hope San Diego Volunteers
  • 130+ Hot Meals Served with Water, Soup and Desserts
  • 37+ Haircuts
  • Hundreds of Articles of Clothing Passed Out!
  • + 30 Pair of High-End Running Shoes Distributed (Thanks RoadRunnerShoes.com)
  • and more

Thanks to Our Homeless Volunteers and especially to our Corporate Sponsors

  • Country Club Barber Shop
    The amazing hair stylist of the Country Club Barber Shop, along with Tammy, cut over 35 homeless people’s hair. Be sure to see some of the photos below.

    • Thanks to the whole homeless hair cutting team:
      • Wylie
      • Mario
      • Tobias
      • Adrian
      • Jose
      • Faith
      • Tammy
  • Road Runner Shoes
    Jackie and the team Jackie for bringing over 60 pairs of shoes this time from RoadRunnerShoes.com
  • Alex, Professional Chiropractor
    Thanks Alex for coming out to help the homeless by having them on your adjustment table. Amazing! (Be sure to see the photos below.)

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Photos of  San Diego Downtown Homeless Special Event

Click on an image to see it larger and to start a slideshow of our homeless special event.