Thanks for Homeless Outreach in Honor of Don Angle – Haircuts and Ventriloquist Natalie Millera

Thanks for Homeless Outreach in Honor of Don Angle – Haircuts and Ventriloquist Natalie Millera

So humbled by how amazing the event went (read the event details here):

  • 40 Haircuts for the Homeless
  • Over 75 Meals Served
  • 40+ Volunteers
  • Tons of Clothing Donations
  • So many homless brothers and sisters feeling loved and part of society again

I still get emotional thinking about it…ALL GLORY TO GOD!


Ventriloquist Natalie Miller entertains San Diego's Homeless

Ventriloquist Natalie Miller entertains San Diego’s Homeless

It was all his idea and without Him none of this would’ve ever happened. He has each and everyone out on the streets to bring hope and light into darkness. THANK YOU TEAM for stepping into God’s plans to take ground in downtown San Diego! Wow….we’re so blessed to be apart of it all.

Special THANKS to:

  • Aneesah Diaab for cooking food for us!
  • Natalie May for giving such a power message!
  • Dan Gossett for leading the night for us and for starting the streets of hope ministry and giving me and soo many of us an Avenue to use our gifts
  • Caitlyn Edward Puppystuffs for everything you do and getting the photographer!
  • Anne Brady for leading our donations area!
  • Eric Campbell and Hannah Mae Atanque for always providing all the support necessary to continue to make this ministry strong!
  • Lara Regala thank u sis for everything about u, ur heart and boldness is what makes these events amazing!
  • Ronda Williams and Susana Solis-Rasnick for cutting hair with us!
  • Johnny Johnson for all that u and your roommate donated and for writing down everyone on the list for us and helping with donations!
  • Lara Cuthbert for helping the extra stuff we needed for food!
  • Amanda love for always being the first one out and helping us get started!

There were so many more people to thank! Everyone who made it out all needed to be there to make this night so amazing and especially to our homeless friends. Thank you again.

Photos of Don Angle Memorial Event

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