Gala Sponsorship – Streets of Hope San Diego


Become a sponsor of our Secret Agent Casino Royale themed fundraising Gala for the Streets of Hope San Diego.
Learn more about the event here.



  • Sponsors logo on the SOH website gala page
  • Sponsors highlighted on SOH social media outlets


  • 2 VIP tickets ($1000 value)
  • Logo featured event photo backdrop
  • Casino Tables featuring logo
  • Special Recognition during the event


  • Thank you email to all attendees focusing on sponsors and the sponsor personal contact information
  • Social Media post to thank sponsors at the end of event
  • Sponsor logo on global SOH sponsors page for one year


  • Opportunities to display/feature your supercar/boat
    or other product for display
  • Contact us for more info
Sponsor our Secret Agent Casino Royale Themed Gala
See the supercars on display at the Gala


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What time is the Gala? Do sponsors need to come earlier?

Date: Saturday September 30th, 2023

Time: 5:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Sponsors do not need to come early; however, if you are bringing a car, a boat, or your product we encourage you to come early to set up. Please contact Alisha with questions at

Is my sponsorship a tax write-off?

Yes! Absolutely. The Streets of Hope San Diego is a 501c3 charity. Futhermore, when you purchase your sponsorship you can instanstly download your donation receipt.

Where is the exact Gala location?

The location is in Rachco Santa Fe not too far from a 5 freeway exit

After you purchase your sponsorship, the exact event location address will be on your auto-reply email.

I still have a question, who can I contact?

Please email with any questions.