Volunteer Opportunities to Help San Diego’s Homeless

There are many ways to help meet the needs of San Diego’s homeless by serving with the Streets of Hope San Diego.

Whether your skill is helping prepare food, to hair cutting to administration skills we need your help to continue to change lives of those living on the streets.

Streets of Hope every Monday Night

Streets of Hope Nights are about building relationships with those on the street. On Monday nights downtown we prepare food and walk around the streets and see how our friends are doing. We allow them to be heard, seen and loved again.

A Few Ways to Serve/Give

  • Bring your group or organization out to help us walk the streets and pass out food
  • Sponsor food for the night!

Contact Me – Nights

Streets of Hope Homeless Kids

If your heart is for the kids, you will love volunteering here! In addition to all we do for the children living on the streets, every quarter we throw birthday parties for the homeless kids on the streets so that they know they are loved.

A Few Ways to Serve/Give

  • Fundraiser coordinator
  • Be a part of the party planning committee
  • Serve at the parties
  • Offer your services at a party (ie. face painting, balloon twisters, costume characters, etc)
  • Donate presents, party supplies, decor

Contact Me – Kids

Streets of Hope Families

Streets of hope families partners up with different organizations, locates resources and the necessary volunteers who can help execute the plan to help a family get off the street and back into society permanently.

A Few Ways to Serve/Give

  • Researching different resources and organizations that we can work with.
  • Become a case manager for those who we help get off the streets
  • Help locate different job opportunities for the homeless getting off the streets

Contact Me- Families

Streets of Hope Special Events

Our special events are designed to help our friends feel normal again for a night. A night where they can enjoy some good food, some friends around and celebrate special holidays!

A Few Ways to Serve/Give

  • Worship team
  • Feeding team
  • Ministry team
  • Service team
  • Donations team

Contact – Special Events

Streets of Hope Marketing

If you have a gifting in marketing we would love to have you on our team! Exposure of what we do could help us reach and help more people!

A Few Ways to Serve/Give

  • Marketing (Social Media, SEO)
  • Photography/Videography
  • Website
  • Graphic Design
  • Writers/Bloggers
  • Email Marketing
  • Media/Public Relations

Contact Me – Marketing

Streets of Hope Services

If you have a gifting you would like to share with our friends, please let us know! We will find a way to utilize your gifting within our organization.

A Few Ways to Serve/Give

  • Chiropractors
  • Nails
  • Haircuts
  • Medical
  • Facials
  • Resume building

Contact Me – Service

Streets of Hope Partnerships

We would love to have your organization partner up with us for a night, event or on a consistent basis. Please reach out to our our organizational coordinator to see how you can partner with us to make an impact on the streets!

A Few Ways to Serve/Give

  • Sponsoring food for a night
  • Donation drive at your school, work or organization
  • Sponsoring our organization at your next conference or event
  • Sponsoring an event

Contact – Partnerships