Downtown San Diego Homeless Event Every Monday Night – Streets of Hope

Downtown San Diego Homeless Event Every Monday Night – Streets of Hope

Join us every Monday night at 6pm to feed the homeless in downtown San Diego.

We serve the homeless every Monday night in Downtown San Diego!

Every Monday night the Streets of Hope serves San Diego’s homeless by passing out bags of food, water, encouragement and other items. Meet with us in Downtown and help us give hope to the homeless on the San Diego streets.

Where Downtown San Diego

  • You can’t miss us since a crowd of us gather at the sidewalk located at the North side of Smart & Final Parking Lot located at: 720 15th Street, San Diego CA


Every Monday night at 6pm in downtown San Diego you can join us. Often on these Mondays we have a special event, like Hair Cutting, which also takes place during the evening. Visit the special events page for more information on special events.

What to Bring

You do not need to bring anything when helping us serve the homeless.  Just come.

However, if you would like, you can bring:

  • Food Items (Contact Us for details on what food items are acceptable)
  • Bottled water
  • Toiletries and Hygiene items
  • Clothing, especially socks
  • Blankets
  • If you want to  GIVE Financially we recommend you give thru the website

What to Expect from Helping San Diego Homeless

When you come downtown to  serve San Diego’s homeless community you will be giving your time to help serve those who truly need your help. Helping those who have much to give to those who have little is part of the mission of the Streets of Hope.

Here are some other things we believe you will gain from serving the San Diego homeless community:

  • You will experience what it means to give to others
  • You will be safe
  • You will want to come back
  • You will make new friends

Read a volunteer’s personal experience of what it’s like to help on a Monday night by clicking here.

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